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We started Clipper Marine to get involved with the up and coming offshore wind farms off of the California coast. We bring over 60 years of combined experience working in the offshore industry and will use it to provide you with the the best service we know.

Clipper Marine

Capt. Roberts Johnson


Prior to founding Clipper Marine, Roberts started in the sport fishing and live aboard dive industries out of Santa Barbara Harbor and held his first Captain license at the age of 19. While fishing and diving the Channel Islands off of the California Coast he realized his passion for working offshore.

As his offshore career advanced he moved into the petroleum industry as Captain working in the Santa Barbara Channel before moving to Texas in 1996 and continuing his career in the Gulf of Mexico. He soon advanced to a position that would offer him the opportunity to work in locations from Trinidad, West Africa, Brazil and Alaska gaining valuable experience working with both Port State and Federal agents. He soon moved into Seismic and the Anchor Handling Towing and supply vessels moving drilling rigs installing and recovering anchor mooring systems from conventional plow style anchors to suction piles and vertical load anchors (VLA). This experience would drive him to continue advancing and getting into subsea construction and ROV work, installing and maintaining subsea assets in the Gulf of Mexico and South America on subsea construction vessels.

Roberts holds a Master AGT (Any Gross Tons) with Master of Towing upon Oceans from the US Coast Guard and Vanuatu. Additionally he has Unlimited DPO Certificate issued by the Nautical Institute. He brings experience from large projects for companies like BP, Shell, Anadarko and many others developing and maintaining the deep water infrastructure from Alaska to South America.

Capt. Richard Jackson


Prior to founding Clipper Marine, Richard began his career in the mid 1980s, in the offshore oil and gas service vessel industry, gaining experience first as a deckhand and unlicensed vessel engineer aboard company vessels owned by his father, Hugh Jackson, the founder and president of Jackson Marine Corporation, and later, Jackson Offshore, in Ventura, California. The position as assistant Operations Manager opened the spectrum of knowledge and experience in the marine industry. 

Clipper Marine

In 1989, Richard was appointed Port Captain of a six-boat fleet chartered by Exxon to assist in the Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster in Prince William Sound, Alaska. In 1990, Richard earned his first Master’s license issued by the USCG.

Remaining on the west coast of California, Richard gained experience as a vessel captain, operating in the Santa Barbara Channel oilfields. Appointed by company management, Richard was the Designated Person Ashore during the implementation and certification of ISM. As he continued to gain experience working with clients such as Exxon Mobil, Unocal, Veneco and other large players on the CA coast, Richard built a bank of knowledge of different companies’ Safety Management Systems. His good relationship with his employer’s clients further developed valuable trust that is essential to the industry. The need for a full-time safety and training coordinator became evident as the industry’s safety culture surged. Richard’s “can do” attitude and his relationship with vessel crews resulted in a highly-successful record as the liaison between company management and the client. Richard’s ambition to gain international experience resulted in holding the position as vessel.

Master in Brazil for a few years, which advanced his experience working with Port State and other foreign entities. Upon his return to the US, Richard worked in many positions such as vessel Master, OICNW and Senior DPO, which resulted in license upgrades and credentials over the next ten years.

Richard holds a Master 1600 GRT (Gross Register Tons), 3,000 GT and Mate (OSV) Unlimited Tonnage license from the US Coast Guard. Additionally, he has an Unlimited DPO Certificate issued by the Nautical Institute.