Capt. Roberts Johnson:
Phone: 775-745-2522

Capt. Richard Jackson:
Phone: 805-705-3812


Vessel deliveries should give you the  peace of mind that your home away from home is being treated as if you were making the trip yourself.

Clipper Marine

Over Water Delivery

We have Captains available to deliver power and commercial vessels on the West Coast of North and South America and pride ourselves on a prompt professional service. With over 35 years experience and thousands of hours a year on the water. Clipper Marine can deliver your vessel where you need it in a safe and timely manner. Whether you need a whole crew or an experienced and licensed captain for insurance coverage we will work with you to fulfill your requirements.

Serving Businesses 

Owners, Brokers, Shipyards and Manufactures, We are licensed professional mariners specializing in delivering power vessels from private yachts to unlimited tonnage vessels. We can deliver your vessel along the Pacific coast of the Americas with a professional and courteous crew.


Why You Should Hire Us

Making a short or long transit in unfamiliar or seasonal waters can be a hazardous or daunting task and you may want to hire us to bring our experience to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience to getting your vessel to its new location.

Insurance companies may require owners to use licensed Captains and crew during certain times of year of bodies of water to protect their investment. This is where our experience will make sure that your vessel makes it to its destination safe.

Time constraints. As owners you don’t always have the time to take your vessel to its next destination and hiring a licensed professional crew to deliver your vessel is a great alternative to shipping and can be set up on your schedule so that you can enjoy your time aboard.

Sale and delivery to a new owner or broker we can get it there when you need it done.

Vessel Delivery Costs

Travel Expense - Round trip from our base to your vessel and back to our base from your destination is 1/2 half of the crew day rate plus expenses. Per Diem, Airfare, Rental Car plus gas, Train, Taxi.

(PerDiem will be figured using the IRS / GSA PerDiem calculator, Reduced Travel Day,

Fuel - Dockage - Permits - Fuel and dock fees will be estimated and a deposit or payment arrangement will be required prior to departure. All fuel, dockage, licenses, permits and transit fees will be the owners expense and charged at cost.

Information - Your information is private, We do not sell or share any information you provide. Any information you provide is used exclusively by Clipper Marine to provide you with an accurate vessel delivery quote.